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The purpose of the Scholarship is to assist and encourage meritorious students who have demonstrated excellence in the fields of Christian leadership and community service, to cultivate them to be the next generation of leaders in our society. The scholarship is for study at a Western Australian University, ordinarily at the University of Notre Dame Fremantle Campus.

The Scholarship is offered by a group of Christian leaders in their personal capacity to promote Christians making positive impact in our society. The Scholarship is not associated with any churches or Christian organisations.


The Scholarship is tenable for up to five years of full-time undergraduate studies. The cash value of the Scholarship is $5,000 per annum, with a total value of up to $25,000. The fund will be paid as a cash stipend of $2,500 per semester, paid directly to the recipient. The amount can be used at the recipient’s discretion to contribute towards educational related expenses.

In addition, the Scholarship will provide the following:

  • Fees and return airfare to attend The Download Course. The course is held interstate immediately after Year 12 studies and before commencement of University studies. Attendance is subject to a separate and independent assessment process undertaken by the organiser.
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  • Fees and return airfare to attend the Lachlan Macquarie Institute’s three-month Residential Fellowship Program. Attendance is subject to a separate and independent assessment process undertaken by the organiser.
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Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Scholarship, the applicant must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be a resident of Western Australia
  • Be 17 to 20 years of age
  • Either be currently in Year 12 (ATAR) study or an equivalent pathway leading to University study; or be currently in Year 1 of University study; or just completed Year 1 of University study. Applicants currently undertaking a gap year are welcome to apply.
  • (For applicants using ATAR results as criteria) Have attained a Year 11 course average exceeding or approaching 75% across ATAR subjects and maintained this achievement in Year 12.
  • (For applicants using Year 1 University result as criteria) Have attained a Semester Weighted Average Mark exceeding or approaching 75% across all semesters.
  • Profess Christian faith. Application must be accompanied by a recommendation letter from the applicant’s pastor or priest.
  • Demonstrate excellence in leadership and/or community service.
  • Not be in receipt of another scholarship.
  • Have enrolled in, or received an offer of admission to the Semester immediately following the award, into an eligible full-time undergraduate course at the University of Notre Dame’s Fremantle Campus or another WA University. Where the applicant is yet to make an application or is awaiting an offer of admission, the applicant would need to nominate one of the following Notre Dame’s courses or equivalence as the first preference. Please provide proof of application and proof of enrolment as soon as they are available. In the event where the successful applicant is subsequently enrolled in an ineligible course, the Scholarship may be withdrawn. The list of eligible Notre Dame’s courses are as follows:
    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Bachelor of Behavioural Science
    • Bachelor of Counselling
    • Bachelor of Communications & Media
    • Bachelor of Education
    • Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science
    • Bachelor of Health & Physical Education
    • Bachelor of Health Promotion
    • Bachelor of Biomedical Science
    • Bachelor of Laws
    • Bachelor of Philosophy
    • Bachelor of Theology
    • Double degree or double majors including at least one of the above, with a full-time course length of no more than 5 years

Exception to Eligibility Requirements

Where an applicant does not meet one or more of the above Eligibility Requirements but is nevertheless passionate about Christian leaders making positive impact to society, the applicant is encouraged to apply. The Scholarship Committee has the discretion to grant an exception to the Requirements under such circumstances.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for the selection process and on-going administration of the Scholarship. Except otherwise stated, all official communications with the Scholarship Committee are conducted via emails.

Selection Process

  • Written applications setting out compliance with the Eligibility Requirements and addressing the Selection Criteria must be made on the application form available from the Scholarship web site. Application form and supporting documents must be received by the Scholarship via email or post.
  • The Scholarship will accept applications up to the closing date. Applications will be evaluated as they are received and the Scholarship may be awarded to worthy applicant(s) before the closing date.
  • The Scholarship Committee may interview selected applicants if it wishes to do so.
  • If in any one year the Scholarship Committee forms the view that there are no applicants of sufficient merit, the Scholarship will not be awarded for that year.

Scholarship Conditions

The Scholarship will remain tenable subject to the recipient:

  1. Attending the Download Course prior to the commencement of university course.
  2. Submitting at the end of each semester academic results of the preceding semesters to the Scholarship Committee.
  3. Maintaining a minimum Distinction grade for all units undertaken throughout the university course; or alternatively, maintaining a Semester Weighted Average Mark of 75% or above for all semesters.
  4. Maintaining full time enrolment.
  5. Applying to attend the Lachlan Macquarie Institute’s Residential Fellowship Program after graduation from university.

The recipient forfeits the Scholarship if he/she:

  • Fails to meet the requirements in 1 to 5 above.
  • Without the Scholarship Committee‘s prior approval, transfers to another degree or another University, takes a leave of absence from University study or defers enrolment.
  • Fails to take a leadership role in facilitating formation, fellowship and/or volunteer events for other Christian youths and scholarship recipients.
  • Is found to have behaved in a manner that fails to meet the minimum standards expected of a future Christian leader; including but not limited to, being in breach of the University’s Student Code of Conduct; or is the subject of disciplinary action under the University’s General Regulations.

In the event that the recipient fails to comply with the Conditions set out above, he/she may make an application in writing to the Scholarship Committee, outlining the circumstances and reasons relating to his/her personal situation, in which case the Scholarship Committee has discretion to determine the ongoing status of the Scholarship. The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final.

The Scholarship Committee may vary the Scholarship’s Eligibility Requirements, Conditions and any aspects of the Scholarship at any time, without notification to Scholarship applicants or recipients.

To Apply

Download the printer-friendly Information Sheet. Download the Application Form.

Applications must be made via email to; or by post to PO Box 2074 Rossmoyne WA 6148.

Application forms and supporting documents must be received by 12 noon Sunday 9 June 2024. Applications will be evaluated as they are received and the Scholarship may be awarded to worthy applicant(s) before the closing date. Interviews, if required, will be conducted before or during July 2024.

All applicants shortlisted for interviews will be notified of the result of their application via email.

Please direct all enquiries to